Monday, July 5, 2010

Can you feel it now?

"And its a sad picture, the final blow hits you. Somebody else gets what you wanted again. You know its all the same, another time another place, repeating History and your getting sick of it...
These things will change, can you feel it now?"

If your not happy fix it. If you don't like the way things are going change it. If you want something more, then by golly, get up off your rear and go get it.

Easy to say, less easy to do.

Because you see, sometimes those things we need to fix, are things that we aren't quite sure how to. Or they are things that aren't quick fixes, and while we attempt, we rapidly get worn out in the pursuit.

And the things that need to change, well, while these things may no longer make us happy, they have become rather comfortable and familiar. Maybe no longer exciting or special, but its something. And many would argue that something bland is better than nothing special.

Then mostly, those things we want, after chasing them for so long, still feel just out of reach, and a million miles away all at the same time.

It seems that in life we are constantly searching for happiness, but sometimes its not a specific something. It doesn't boil down to one simple change or decision, but rather a culmination of a multitude of decisions.

And I believe its completely possible to be unhappy, but happy all at the same time. Because while one part of your life may be lacking, there is nothing to say you can't be completely fulfilled in a different area.

It seems that there are many things in my life that I would like to change, an I honestly believe it would make me happier. However there is something inside of me that just isn't ready to let go.

And It ALWAYS seems that just as I get the very thing I want within reach, someone comes along and launches it in the other direction.

I get rather tired of being unhappy when I am.

Its not a fun place to be.

But regardless of my current circumstances, I believe that happiness is more than just a word. I believe its a state of mind as well as an attitude.

I believe that being truly happy is not dependent upon your circumstances. I believe that real happiness looks past the imperfections.

I know that the things that I am going through are gonna change, I can feel it in my bones. And even though these things have brought along some temporary grief and unhappiness, I refuse to wallow in that.

I choose to focus on the amazing things in my life. I choose to believe in God's promises for my life. I choose happiness.

Afterall, its a lot more fun to smile :)

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