Friday, November 26, 2010

Do you believe in magic?

Dreaming like I mean it...

Driving home tonight I was looking at the stars.

The bright night sky and the cold reminded me of when I was younger, and my sisters and I would look out the car windows on Christmas Eve trying to spot Santa Clause...

I remember having so much faith that he was real (Santa used to come to my house, for real, but that's a different story).

Its amazing how open and trusting we are as children.

We believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, prince charming...

Its not just the belief that these people exist, but the belief that anything could happen. That you wildest dreams actually can come true.

But somewhere around the time that we stop believing in Santa Clause, we stop believing in our dreams.

Someone tells us that we aren't good enough, and we stop believing that we are capable.

A stupid boy comes along and makes you feel worthless and ordinary, and we stop believing that good guys (our prince charming) actually exists.

And our stories become boring and flat, no climax, no plot twists... simply tragedy after tragedy.

It makes me sad to think that many people live their entire lives this way. They think that their lives are meaningless and they settle for less.

Life isn't meant to be lived flat on a page. Life is meant to be experienced.

We have to take chances and we have to continuously pursue our dreams. When we stop believing in the dreams inside our hearts, I truly believe a part of us begins to die...

We only get one story you and I. One chance to make our mark on this world we live in.

So maybe Santa Clause isn't real... maybe we are supposed to grow up and realize that not everything in the world is as simple and beautiful as we believed it to be...

But I believe in fairy tales. I believe prince charming (the good guys) actually does exist. I believe that some moments in this life are magical. And I believe that all of my wildest dreams can and will come true.

God has given us all the ability to dream out loud... to live a life that will bring Him glory. It would be such a waste not to live our lives to the fullest...

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it"

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