Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Date night

I know, date night sounds so sweet and romantic right?

You think of a night filled with soft music and candle lit dinners...

And maybe for some that's true.

But honestly, more times than not, date night consists of eating dinner with our 1 year old and catching up on episodes of our favorite show.

The point of our date night isn't really to keep the romance alive so to speak.

The point of date night for us is this:

If we didn't do it, we really wouldn't see each other.

Our schedules are so opposite at the moment that if we didn't set aside time each week to spend with each other, our quality time would only consist of the time we spend sleeping next to each other.

It would be easier sometimes to skip date night. To finish the dishes or do the laundry... Or even go to sleep instead (I love my sleep).

But if we got into the habit of skipping out on time with each other, before long we would be living with strangers.

We would forget things about each other and we would cease learning the new things about them.

And if we became strangers... It would be easier to fall out of love.

Figured out where I'm going with this?

It's time to set aside that quality with Jesus.

Because if you haven't been consistently pursuing that relationship, then it's starting to go south.

Relationships constantly develop. Whether they are growing together or apart. They never cease movement.

So for those who are pursuing your relationship with Jesus, don't ever stop. Because there is so much more and it will just keep getting better.

And for those of you who have maybe allowed time or other priorities to interfere... Know he misses you.

Don't fall out of love.

Don't forget all the reasons you started this journey in the first place.

He loves you so much and he is always available for some quality time with you.

If you love it, it will grow...

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