Monday, April 1, 2013

For me?

but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us
Romans 5:8

I've heard this verse a million times. Memorized it in Sunday school. Repeated it from a pulpit. Shared it with a friend.

A million times, but yesterday it clicked. I guess I always knew the meaning. But I don't guess I ever fully grasped the concept.

That while I was still in the middle of my mess, while I was still completely unloveable and unworthy, that while I chose to reject his offering... Christ still died for me.

He didn't expect me to be anything or become anything or earn anything. But he died for me.

He didn't deserve death. But I did. He didn't deserve the pain and torture. But I did. And he did for me.

He knew that I would continuously fall short of his glory.

He knew that I would habitually choose my selfish desires over his plans and dreams for my life.

Yet, he still died for me.

He didn't come to condemn us, but he came so that through his sacrifice we wouldn't have to pay the sin debt we owe.

It was too much, too much for any of us to afford on our own. We would never be worthy, and we would never be enough. Never.

While you were still a sinner... While you are still a sinner... Christ died for you.

You could never be good enough. Be his love, his sacrifice makes you complete.

Easter is over... But never forget what he did. Never forget the sacrifice. Never forget how unworthy you are to be a cold of God. Never forget that he died for you...

"The earths saddest day and happiest day were three days apart"

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