Friday, April 5, 2013


It seems there is a lot of noise in this world.

Not necessarily negative. Just noise.

Lots of noise about politics and government and insurance.

Noise about protecting animals from abuse and neglect.

Noise about celebrities and who they are married to this week.

We hear noise about the latest fashion trends.

Noise about the job market and the economy.

Noise about abortion.

To be honest, it gets a bit overwhelming with everyone having their own opinion... Their own spin on the subject.

It seems to all get jumbled together, because everyone wants to be heard.

Everyone starts to present their arguments more boldly than before.

But it would seem that all the voices simply get lost in the madness.

Because when everyone is yelling, no one is being heard.

What if instead of yelling to be part of the argument we took a different approach?

What if instead, we took a step back and presented our ideas with love and respect for those we don't agree with?

What if we took the time to research and gain a real understanding of why we believe what we believe instead of simply repeating verbatim what "momma said"?

I've never seen any persuaded with anger and hatred.

What if we simply refuse to add to the noise?

Maybe then we could make a difference.

Just some food for thought.

"Raise your words, not your voice"

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