Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Monster

I tend to try to see things from alternate points of view. I never want to be viewed as narrow minded. While, we may not have the same belief system, I will at least attempt to understand your thoughts.

So please be understanding as I write what I am about to say.

My heart feels sad as I learned of the death of Ariel Castro. Is that shocking? Suicide never sits well with me, regardless of the situation. 

I am sad for the women and the families that will never get to experience the justice of seeing their captor serve his sentence.

I am sad for the family of Castro, because regardless of what kind of monster he is or was, he was someone's son, brother, friend...

And I am sad for Castro. I am sad that the mental state he was in, lead him to abduct and torture innocent women. I am sad that he learned all to quickly the horrors of being held captive. I am sad that he felt that death was better than serving the sentence that he thoroughly deserved. 

But mostly, I am sad for the people rejoicing in his death. This doesn't mean that I excuse or agree with the actions that lead him to his prison cell. 

I believe that God is fair and just, I however find it hard to imagine God rejoicing over death. 

I honestly could barely even watch the new footage as it replayed the nightmare that these women lived. 

I am not a supporter of Castro.

But I am a supporter of mankind. 

I am a supporter of the idea of grace and forgiveness and love and mercy. 

What Suzy says of Sally says more of Suzy than Sally.

Maybe he did deserve death for his actions. But don't we all?

The wages of sin is death... isn't that how it goes? Don't we all deserve to die?

And what about forgiveness? If all sins are the same, did Jesus not die for Castro as much as he died for me?

I don't have all the answers. I don't even know where to being to make sense of such horrendous circumstances. 

But I believe the day that I start celebrating death, is the day I should stop looking for monsters under the bed, and begin to look for the monster inside myself. 

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