Thursday, October 3, 2013

Five to one

No one here gets out alive... 

I had a discussion with a man the other day. He had just found out he has esophageal cancer. He was telling me the doctor came in, prepared to break the bad news to him; that it was cancer, and it was bad. He told me how the doctor was astonished at how well he was taking it. He didn't seem shocked or upset. He seemed as calm as if he were to tell him his health problems were caused by the common cold. The doctor asked him, why he wasn't more grieved over the situation. His response?

"I'm 70 years old, and everyone has to die from something. I guess cancer is the way I'll go"

He then continued to sing to me the lyrics of "Five to one" by the doors.

I thought how amazing it is to be that at peace with what was basically his death sentence. How beautiful it would be to accept death in this way. And then I get on Facebook and see mother's freaking out over breast feeding, and cancer causing lunch meat, and so on and so forth...

Here is my issue, I am most certainly not saying you shouldn't be cautious. But it seems that some people lead such careful lives that they don't really live.

I had friends that were having a heated discussion over products that cause cancer.

Haven't you learned by now? EVERYTHING causes cancer. Cell phones, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, even FACEBOOK has been linked to causing cancer (Google it, I swear its true).

If we stop using everything that has ever been linked to cancer, well, there won't be a whole lot left for us to use.

Don't get me wrong, I don't treat my daughter's health so flippantly. But I am most certainly not going to deprive her a life because of my own fear.

This issue goes so far beyond our health. We are so inhibited by fear and propaganda that we would rather stay holed up in our own little bubbles.

But Jim Morrison had it right.

We aren't going to make out alive anyways. Everyone will die from something at some point (unless you make it to the second coming of Christ).

I know this is a little morbid, but I think to truly make a difference, we need to be at peace with this within ourselves. I think when we truly come to terms with the fact that no matter how hard we work and how healthy we try to be and what we do or don't eat, that we are still going to die, maybe just maybe we might take more risks.

And maybe these risks won't simply be selfish ambitions.

Maybe we will start to take risks that actually matter. Risks that will have an eternal significance to someone.

We are so afraid of the outcome, that we barely live.

Everyone's earthly outcome is the same. But your eternal outcome is formed by the choices you make.

When we are driven by eternity, we everything that keeps moving us forward is not of this world but of the world to come, then and only then will we see change.

No one lives forever... Better make it count.

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