Wednesday, November 27, 2013


"November is the month where everyone who complained on Facebook for the past 11 months suddenly becomes thankful for 30 days"

I love Thanksgiving... wanna know why? I love to eat, duh!

But I also love this time of year, simply because even some of the most dreadful people decide to be a little more chipper and grateful. Yeah, its totally a bandwagon, but hey, I would much rather see a post on why you are thankful for each one of your cats, than more griping and complaining. Am I right?

But as I read, I wonder if people are really thankful, or if its just the thing to do; expressing thankfulness via Facebook. I mean its day only 27, and people are running out of things to be thankful for. 

What has really gotten my attention is that a friend of mine who just last year said , "I am so ready for thanksgiving to be over... I am tired of seeing what everyone is thankful for" has decided to this year jump on the 30 days band wagon! 

Write what you are thankful for on Facebook or don't. Spend 30 days gushing about your blessings or one. Just remember this. 

"Not what we say about our blessing, but how we use them, is the true measure of Thanksgiving"-W.T. Purkiser

Don't just talk about it, be about it.

Day 9, you are thankful for your kids. But when we the last time you told your kids that? When was the last time you took them out, to do something special just for them, to remind them what a blessing they are?

Day 14, thankful for your husband/wife. Do they know that? Do you remind them often how blessed you feel to be part of their lives? To learn and grow and share and face this world together?

Day 21, thankful for you parents. I read a quote that said, we are sometimes so busy growing up that we forget our parents are growing old. Cherish your moments with them. Don't just call them to watch the kids, call to ask about their day. 

Thanksgiving isn't a day... Well, technically it is, but stay with me. 

Being thankful 1 day a year isn't enough. Bragging about your blessings for 30 days isn't enough. I'd like to see 365 days of thankfulness start trending world wide. 

Thanksgiving is a lifestyle. What you do with the things you've been blessed with makes a difference. Will we continue to simply acknowledge them with our words, and refuse to be grateful with our actions?

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading the things my crazy mind comes up with! Please continue to like and comment and share if it's something you read resonates in you... 

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