Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6th, 2014

Carpe the heck out of this Diem

This is what you need to know...

I am 110% a procrastinator. My dishes need to be done, and have needed to be done. I start my first class in over 2 years tomorrow, and I've barely looked at the syllabus.... trust me the list goes on.

More than procrastinating, when I get overwhelmed, I have the tendency to shutdown. Rather than put on my big girl panties and getting things done, I retreat. I wanna hide in my bed and wait for everything to go away... but it doesn't.

The dishes will still be there tomorrow. And so will your problems.

We can't wish things away. We aren't kids anymore (unfortunately). You can't hide or run from your problems... because inevitably it will catch up to you. 

Today I am thinking that we make a list, of all the things we've been avoiding, a closet you need to organize, a friend you need to apologize to, a goal you need to start, a wrong you need to right... And just do it. Maybe not everything today... but start with the closet. Check something off your list. Stop avoiding things. Because the reality is, you could die in your sleep tonight (I know that is extremely morbid). We know this, but we continue to live as if we are immortal. Do you really want to die, and leave that cluttered closet for someone else to clean? Or worse, leave this earth without asking forgiveness for someone you've hurt?

Let go of hurt, try something new, and stop being afraid. I let fear hold me back far too much. 

Ecclesiasted 9 (The Message)

7 Seize life! Eat bread with gusto, Drink wine with a robust heart. Oh yes - God takes pleasure in your pleasure! 8 Dress festively every morning. Don't skimp on colors and scarves. 9 Relish life with the spouse you love Each and every day of your precarious life. Each day is God's gift. It's all you get in exchange For the hard work of staying alive. Make the most of each one! 10 Whatever turns up, grab it and do it. And heartily! This is your last and only chance at it, For there's neither work to do nor thoughts to think In the company of the dead, where you're most certainly headed.

This world is full of people who will live their whole lives and not actually live, and I do not intend to be one of them. 

Today is the only January 6th, 2014 you will ever have, make it count. 

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  1. I have been wanting to go back and comment on this (for whatever reason my phone won't let me comment so I have to do it on a computer!) Anyway - I LOVE this post. "Carpe the heck out of this Diem" I love that line. :) So inspiring my friend! I go back and read it when I need a little motivation. xoxo


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