Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Victim

Something I am personally struggling with lately, is women who constantly play the victim. I know I know... just a few weeks ago, I was pouring my heart out about my desire to be taken care of... Isn't that the same thing?

Absolutely not.

I know, we all go through hard times, but I find it extremely difficult to deal with women who act as if the sky is falling constantly.

But some women, in their desire to be cared for, become devastated and broken because their 2nd cousins, uncle's, grandpa's, brother's dog is having surgery. Ok, that was a little extreme, but I seriously find myself rolling my eyes sometimes when I walk in on someone completely broken over a situation that is not even relevant to them.

Part of this is because it's just weird for me, because well pity isn't my thing. And part of this is because I am trying my absolute hardest to keep it together right now when it feels like the world is crashing down and someone is over there devastated over something trivial.

I want to blame these girls that seek attention through circumstances, but I have to realize that the main issue is with me. The main issue is that I have a lot less compassion than I would like to believe that I have. Just because I can be strong, doesn't mean everyone can... its kind of ridiculous that annoys me right?

So while I would love to write this blog with the intent of telling all these girls, suck it up buttercup, I realize that it's my heart that needs to be changed.

Just because I am going through a difficult time, doesn't mean I can downplay or look down on something that someone else sees as a disaster worthy situation. It has been my choice not be pitied, although I have found that I still crave attention if that makes any sense.

I am so far from perfect, and compassion is one of the things I need to pray for and work on, as well as the selfish thinking that my problems are worse than anyone else.

I hope today that you would examine your own heart... maybe God is trying to tell you through this blog that there are things you need to change or ways you need to grow. Maybe you are like me, or maybe its something completely different. But don't blame someone else, that's where I have been stuck at for weeks. If something is annoying you, well it might be annoying, but think and pray about what it is in you that makes that situation so annoying.

I have to realize that I can't change anyone else, but I can change me... and most of the time, when I change me, I see things much differently.


  1. Very Very true! Compassion is not something that I am good at... AT ALL! I have always struggled with it, however if there is anything God has taught me in the past few years its not to judge someone else until you have walked a mile in their shoes. I would assume I knew all of the details or know "how they should handle the situation". I would always say "Well if that happened to me I would never....". It is not always black and white and 90% of the time there is more to their story than we could ever imagine!

  2. So true Monica... I am sure we are alike in that way, gotta keep it together, LOL. But it's not my job to judge how you handle your triumphs or your downfalls, its my job to show compassion and understanding. Not to be annoyed. I am definitely still working on that one!


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