Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cheater Cheater

I assume most of us have heard about the high school teacher from Kentucky that was not only cheating on his girlfriend with several women, but also sending some suspicious texts to a high school student. You haven't? 

So now that we are all up to speed. Crazy right? My friend sent me a link to this story last night, and I'm not gonna lie, I got a bit of a laugh. That was a pretty epic break up. How freeing and liberating it must be to call someone out on their crap, and for them to actually reap negative repercussions for their selfish decisions. 

But notice at the end, she takes down her post... why? My guess is because as freeing as it may seem on the outside looking in, that this Facebook takedown probably caused more problems than she bargained for. That bad guy or not, you can't just erase years of feelings, not matter what the jerk did. 

I see it so much on Social Media, people subtweeting and flat calling each other out. It's disturbing, but even more disturbing when I see Christian's participating in these facebook rants.

I'm not saying you shouldn't call someone out on their crap, but is Twitter really the best place to do it? Is it really going to get you the result you desired? Who else is it affecting besides just you? I see parents talking about their godless children, and children talking about their immature parents, and girlfriends and boyfriends arguing on a timeline rather than face to face...

We've become a culture that deals with conflict on a screen. It doesn't take a lot of courage to type a Facebook post about your feelings, it takes a lot more to go to someone face to face about how they've hurt you.

And if your goal is to hurt the other person, congratulations, that will definitely be accomplished when you air your dirty laundry. But don't think the person you are trying to hurt will be the only one affected, what about their friends and family... what about you? Don't you see how you are hurting your credibility by using a social media outlet that was initially intended for college students as your means of handling conflict?

The biblical way to handle conflict is to first go to that person in private. If things are unresolved, take someone with you the next time, and if things are still unresolved, you are supposed to bring the matter before church leaders to get their insight on the situation. No where does it say to gain support from your Facebook friends first by posting a status. 

Spilling your guts is just as lovely as it sounds... it isn't. Conflict is much more easily resolved in private rather than with the whole world staring you down. 

I'm sure this girl wasn't expecting national media coverage, but that's what she got. You can take down that post, but it's already out there... and there are always consequences for our decisions.

I applaud the girlfriend for getting out, and yes the breakup was pretty epic... but my guess is it didn't help to heal her broken heart. I'm sure she felt better for a while, but at some point she will still grieve the loss of that relationship, even a relationship with a cheater.

Moral of the story? I stick with the girlfriend's, "Never underestimate a girl with bigger balls". But if we take anything else away from this story, I would need to quote Andy Mineo, "Why don't you face your problems, don't facebook em?"

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  1. Paige you had me laughing out loud and then stand up and cheering for you! You are very VERY right!


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