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Enough: Guest Post by Adam Drake

I once heard it said that the best way to realize your own dreams, is to be in support of the dreams of others. I dream of being a REAL writer of traveling and speaking... but today isn't about me or my dreams. Today I get the opportunity to support the dreams of someone else. My good friend Adam Drake recently published his first book! While I am totally jealous, I am so excited for him and this journey he is taking. I asked if he would do me the honor of writing a guest post for my blog. I hope you enjoy...

I have this deep desire to be meaningful, to change the world. The strange thing is that this is the source of my greatest frustration. Thoughts that I am not doing enough plague my mind. I don't have a job teaching or saving lives. I don't travel to third world countries helping orphans. I'm just a guy.

Part of this frustration stems from a culture that has become obsessed by what we can see. We judge success by the number of likes or the roar of a crowd. When we make this the standard, most of us will never know what "success" feels like. And if your anything like me, that leaves you feeling insignificant. There is no greater insult to our feelings than silence.

But our eyes lie to us. And facts only tell us part of the story. What we see and what we know are not the whole truth. Let me show you.

What is the tallest mountain in the world? Everybody knows it's Mount Everest. But everyone is wrong. The tallest mountain from base to peak is Mauna Kea. Don't believe me? Look it up. It's over 4,000 feet taller than Everest from base to peak. Why don't we know this? Why is Everest the famous one? Because 2/3 of Mauna Kea is underwater. We have this habit of ignoring what we can't see. The problem with that, in terms of living a life of significance, is that most of the meaningful moments in a person's life don't happen in front of a crowd. They happen in the quiet of a hospital room. They come when a mother kneels by a bed with only a princess nightlight shining over her. The world may never see these moments, but those soft touches of love are often the greatest mountains in the lives of those who have felt them, helping them rise higher than they ever could have by themselves.

That used to be enough for us, but somewhere along the way we decided that we need proof before we will believe. We sacrificed truth on the alter of validation. So we challenge the premise that these tiny acts of love can change the world. My mind and my emotions take this stance far too often, so I have to remind myself that we are all apples.

In 1686 Isaac Newton observed an apple falling from a tree. He believed that the Earth acted like a giant magnet pulling the apple down to it and called this gravity. Today scientists know that he was only half right. Everything in the universe that has mass carries an electromagnetic field which draws things to it. The illusion of an apple "falling" is a matter of perspective. Because the Earth's mass is so much greater than that of an apple, the pull it has is trillions of times stronger. From where we stand it looks like the Earth simply pulls the apple down to it, but on an atomic level as soon as the apple is free from the tree it actually begins to pull the Earth up to it as well. That is science. That is fact. An apple can move the whole world. So I tell myself that if an apple can do it, why not love?

I will not find the cure for cancer. Someone far smarter than me will have to do that. I may never hear the roar of the crowd. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't satisfy the longing in my heart anyway. My greatest achievement might not ever get a "like", but I can make a difference. A hug or kind word may be someone's Mauna Kea. Its greatness may be hidden and ignored, but that doesn't change the truth. I have love to give. And that is enough to move the world.

You can keep up with Adam by signing up for his blog updates at
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But I definitely encourage you to support this extremely awesome individual by purchasing his book. It's only $.99 and I am sure it's the best $.99 you will spend all year. Below are the links where you can purchase this book.

And thanks to the famous Adam Drake for sharing!!

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  1. soon as you said you were going to have a guest post I knew it would be Adam Drake! This was awesome. Thanks for writing it Adam and thanks for sharing it with us all Paige!!! You both are amazing writers!


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