Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Wanna know my new favorite thing to do when I'm bored? Look up mugshots. Seriously, I know its probably terrible, but I feel like only those who have something to hide will find my new past time offensive. 

But back to the point...

While looking through mugshots I decided to check up on a guy who practically begged me to date him in high school.

Don't get me wrong, the guy was nice and not terrible to look at, but I just knew that him and I were not a match. Why? Well, I really was basically a good girl in high school. At this point in my life I had never drank of alcohol or been to a party or lost my virginity or really done anything "bad" besides be late for curfew (Such a rebel I was). 

This job was pretty much my first job, and it was difficult for me, being the good girl I was. Well because for the first time in my life I was constantly surrounded by people who weren't even trying to be good. I went to Christian School, and most of my activities were church related. At this job I constantly heard things that I had no clue about, I was confronted with innuendos and questions about alcohol and marijuana... All things I knew nothing about. 

So this guy, basically told me how stuck up I was for not giving him a chance. This guy, who was a self-proclaimed pot-head and bragged about drinking all weekend with his buddies. How dare 17 year old me turn down such a catch?

But yesterday, while looking up mugshots, I decided to check him out. This fine young individual has been arrested 30+ times! 

I seriously had to laugh... I sure missed out didn't I?

I say all this to say, don't ever let anyone make you feel inferior for having standards. Don't let anyone pressure you into going against your gut. 

Don't settle, just because someone else thinks you should.

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  1. I love this. I look back at the boys I did date and say "thank you Jesus for giving me the smarts to get out of those relationships before it was too late!" I think I always saw the potential in them so I overlooked the other stuff. You can't marry potential!


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