Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stay Classy

Can I tell you one of the biggest compliments I have received lately? Is that through this difficult time I have been honest, yet graceful.

And let me be the first to tell you, that grace is not my first reaction.

My first reaction is to be angry and cry and lash out and punch you in the face and tell you exactly where you can stick that apology...

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah grace...

People seem shocked that I don't run down people in my life that have hurt me, that I still feel the need to protect them and our privacy, even though most don't feel I have any reason to.

Because it isn't normal.

Normal is Facebook posts about beating up some chick because she is messing around with your baby daddy. Normal is subtweets about those that have hurt you. Normal is telling anyone and everyone who will listen exactly how they hurt you...

I don't want that normal.

I have been far from perfect, and most days it seems it would be much easier to wear my heart on my sleeve, have a good Facebook rant, and maybe punch someone in the face...

But what will that accomplish? In the grand scheme of things, what good will that do?

When all is said and done I want to be proud of how I have conducted myself in even the most difficult situations.

I desire to be and inspiration and and example even when I am walking through the valley.

Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.

We all go through storms, that part is inevitable. But I really do believe how you conduct yourself matters. That when people see you persevering and being strong and staying classy, and you are able to point to God as the foundation of your strength... I think that is going to make a difference in someone else.

So be honest and graceful and above all, stay classy!


  1. 1 action speaks louder than 10,000 words! Your actions are echoing from the roof tops. :)

    It amazes me the number of people at my work that speak about going to church and are very vocal about their faith but their actions do not say the same thing. I have come to admire those people who do not necessarily shove their Faith in everyone’s face but people are drawn to them because their actions speak so loudly. It is those people who seem to have the greatest impact for Christ.

    1. Monica, thanks for almost always commenting! I love feedback :)


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