Thursday, February 20, 2014

True Story

Can I tell you how much I hate lies?

I mean, I know and I get that everyone lies...

But it seems we are conditioned to lie rather than be honest about how we are feeling or what we think.

Being honest has been equated with being rude and insensitive? But isn't it possible to be honest and tactful? Do we have to choose between the two.

Maybe not... because I can't tell you I don't like your new haircut without making you cry...

I can't tell someone how I feel without causing an awkward situation.

I can't say I miss you without sounding desperate.

I can't say that I'm hurt without being accused of being stuck in the past.

I can't say I struggle, because I'm supposed to be over it.

The thing about honesty, is that there are consequences. There are consequences that come with opening up about your mistakes or even your feelings.

We ruin things with honesty sometimes.

But I think there comes a point where you have to weigh the consequence. You have to decide that the risk is worth it... that regardless of the potential outcome honesty is necessary.

So why can't we just be painfully honest and save each other the trouble?

Because some people can't handle the truth.

Sometimes you need to say something more than someone else needs to hear it.

But I think there comes a point where the outcome doesn't even matter... that whether the end works out in your favor or not, makes no difference.

Because sometimes, we need to tell people how we feel. We need to tell them that we've been hurt or we need to tell them that we really care about them. Maybe we won't get an apology and maybe your feelings won't be reciprocated...

But maybe, just maybe they will...

Sometimes, it's worth the risk.


  1. "regardless of the potential outcome honesty is necessary" - LOVE THIS!!!
    So last week on Friday I had this revelation - I need to appreciate honesty. It is something I believe in, and fully believe I should be able to express my honesty to other people. BUT I have really begun to accept that I also need to learn to appreciate other people's honesty - and receive their honesty with thankfulness, even if I don't agree or like it. Glad I went back today to read this blog again! SO good.
    Proverbs 27:6 Better are the wounds of a friend, than the deceitful kisses of an enemy.


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