Monday, July 28, 2014

Don't let it slip away

So I had a bit of down time this weekend and decided to watch the movie "God's not Dead". 

Great movie, but this blog isn't about that.

The movie actually reminded me of something I had completely forgotten about...

I met Michael Tait in a Kroger on New Yer's eve.

Apparently, my friend Hanna has family that is friends with him, so she just walks up to him and starts talking to him like its nothing.

I grew up listening to DC talk. I could honestly still probably quote most of the lyrics to you (I saw a man with tat on his big fat belly it wriggled around like marmalade jelly...).

He introduces himself as Michael and we shook hands. And you know what I did next?

Absolutely nothing.

This whole time Hanna is talking to him I am having this inner conversation going something like "OMG it's the guy from DC Talk. Surely that's not him. I mean we are at Kroger. You don't just run into Michael Tait at Kroger. He looks just like him. He's just a very similar looking African american gentleman. Maybe I should ask, oh no that would be rude... his name is Michael, its totally him... I should say something.. Paige say something..."

We walked away and I asked Hanna if that was him. It was. Of course she wasn't aware of my fangirling during our brief chat. 

I had the opportunity to get a picture... to make a memory. And I missed it. I let that moment just slip away.

I kicked myself the rest of the night.

I could probably write a whole book about opportunities that I have missed. Things I've missed out on because of fear or insecurity or doubt... 

It seems so stupid to me now, why I couldn't just say "Oh my gosh, I know you" but in the moment I held myself back. I didn't take the opportunity when it presented itself and I completely missed it. 

Am I the only one who has let far too many of the moments just pass them by?

I kind of hate to keep pulling the stroke card, but it just seems so relevant to my life, I guess since it was kind of a big deal. 

We only have a limited amount of time to make memories on this earth. My stoke could have been the last of my memories, but thankfully God decided to give me time to make a few more. 

Today my challenge is not to hold yourself back from those moments. Not to look back and regret not making a memory, even if you end up making a fool of yourself. 

Whats the worst that could have happened? It wasn't Michael Tait and I looked a little dumb mistaking him for someone else? So what? WHO CARES!?!? 

Life is far too short for me to care so much about looking dumb in front of other people or to be so concerned with what other people think of me.  

I can't be who I am called to be or do what I am called to do by being scared and living my life on the side lines. I have to make some noise. I have to get in there and play the game... even if I strike out... even if I look really silly. That's not the point. The point is just to do it, to put myself out there, to try, to fail, to make some memories, and to make a difference. Because we only get so much time here on earth... and I intend to make the rest of mine count. 

So, Michael Tait (because I totally know you are reading my blog right now), if I happen to run into you in a Kroger again, I promise you that I will be getting a picture.

And I might ask you to sing something for me... 

Ephesians 5:16 "Make the most of ever opportunity..." 

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