Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

I wasn't going to blog this week, but I am beyond angry and ashamed to have read the things I have read today.

Things like...
"Robin Williams died? Who cares"
"Suicide is selfish, stop talking about Robin Williams"
"Robin Williams is in Hell"

There were more... but these comments where the ones I found the most disturbing. Let's start with the first...

Well, apparently a lot of people. He was an amazing actor and had the ability to bring joy and laughter to those who watched his films. I mean, practically my entire news feed was covered with people who were genuinely broken over this news. So yeah, a lot of people care. Just because you are so heartless that a tragedy which doesn't personally affect you can't stir at least a tiny emotion, doesn't mean the rest of us are. People grew up watching this man, and many probably felt as if they knew him. Maybe he wasn't your friend, or you next door neighbor, but it amazes me that you can look at human life with such indifference. I can only hope that people don't show you and yours the same disrespect in time of tragedy. After all, what have you done in this life to make a difference? My guess is that even your greatest accomplishments might pale in comparison to a man who was obviously adored by many.

I think I can agree somewhat, especially from an outsiders perspective. The thing is, we have absolutely no idea what demons this man faced. Not a clue what finally brought him to the decision that death would be a better alternative to life. He was in pain... I know because you don't just end your own life for the heck of it. People who commit suicide... they aren't thinking about you... or their family... or their friends... they are thinking about the pain that they live with day in and day out. So yeah, maybe it is a bit selfish. But obviously if you are calling him selfish, you've never been so dark and desperate to even consider such an act. Everyone you meet is facing a difficult battle that you know nothing about... It's easy to simply simply wright this off as selfish. But when you take time to really look at how much pain he must have been in to take such drastic measures, when you try to look at it from his prospective... The perspective of someone who is hurting so much that they con't possibly imagine the pain ever getting better... I've probably said the same words, that suicide is selfish, at one point of my life or another. But depression changes people... and selfish or not, the fact that you could only look at his act rather than the reasons makes you seem extremely cold.

Really? Did Jesus himself come down from heaven to specifically tell you that was his final destination? Did he then send you on a mission to spread the news... no? Yeah I didn't think so... Honestly, I think this response was the must infuriating of all. I was honestly surprised to read this from anyone except the yahoos at Westboro Baptist Church. Just regular old people in my timeline making this proclamation. Here is the thing, he very well might be. But I don't know that. It isn't my place to judge. The Bible tells us that we will know people by their fruits. Regardless of any speculation on the matter, it is also scripturally not my place to judge. Maybe he used his last moments on earth to make peace with God, I hope so anyways. I would like to believe that there are cases when people are so unstable mentally in such a situation that they are incapable of making a logical decision... I know God is merciful. But to flat out proclaim that he is in Hell? Are you a prophet? I mean really, I want to know what exactly gives you the audacity or credibility for such an announcement. I'm sure they could use a few more picketers at his funeral if you really feel so strongly about it.

Before anyone get's their panties in a wad, this was not directed towards anyone in particular. This was just samples of things I read from Facebook pages and twitter hash-tags. But if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that thing up and wear it!


  1. I love you friend! I love your honesty and I love your blog! Thank you for voicing truth. You are an inspiration. Keep Living Jesus to all those around you. You are Light in this dark world. I read this passage this morning and it really spoke to me. I think it speaks to those who say they follow Christ, yet their words/actions don't look like it. 1 John 2: 5 But if anyone obeys his word, love for God is truly made complete in them. This is how we know we are in him: 6 Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.
    Wow, right? If we claim to love God and are lived in Him - then we must live as Jesus did. He is our ultimate example. But what I love about this scripture, is that it is so matter of fact. It is possible to live like Jesus did. Every day. Loving God and loving others.
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Paige!! <3 Love you!

    1. *are are living in Him - not lived in Him ha.

  2. Thanks for this, really helpful

  3. Be gentle on the comments about selfishness. A part of depression is an irrationally loud megaphone of condemnation for many. Sometimes it gets so loud the depressed person believes they would do others a favour by dying. Only if we can be aware of how skewed that self image can become will we be able to hold on to patience and compassion . It is kind of like your God comment. If you can't read the mind of the person, opt for compassion over judgment.

    1. That was exactly my point. I can see how people view the act as selfish. But more then simply looking at the act, I wish that people who look at the person as an individual and as a human being. As someone who is hurting... to choose compassion over labeling. The act in my mind, may in fact be selfish, but my point is why focus on the act, without fist looking at the person? Why not show compassion for friends and family rather that simply looking at what has been done and passing judgment. We all have our demons and its completely unfair to only focus on his intentions and possible selfishness without looking at those demons he faced to bring him to his demise. I found it offensive that other only focused on how they believed it was selfish, without looking at the bigger picture.


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