Monday, March 30, 2015

Do better!

"I didn't know what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better" Maya Angelou

I honestly consider myself pretty tolerant of peoples differing opinions, ideas, and ways of life. Not saying that I necessarily agree with or support some life styles. But I don't find myself being outraged by people who just don't get it yet... people who's lifestyles reflect the fact that they are in desperate need of a savior. I am not compelled to argue with them, even though I may not agree with them. It isn't difficult for me to "love the sinner" so to speak...

In most cases....

But do you know what really creams my corn?

People who have openly expressed an experience with Christ, proclaimed to be living a life in pursuit of him and his will, yet the still CONSTANTLY post garbage on their social media accounts.

Like, have you seen these posts? The one where they are quoting John 3:16, and the very next one is filled with so many expletives I'm embarrassed to even read them?

Now, I can see how this might be coming off holier than thou... trust me I am not... scroll down to a few posts back... yeah I'm a screw up. 

But here is the thing, I am trying my darn tootinest to be better than I was yesterday.

We all have struggles and foul language may be on of those struggles for you. But slipping a curse word at work and taking the time to allow those thoughts to translate from you brain to your fingers in a post are two completely different things. I mean, can you "slip" when typing?

And maybe you do struggle with Alcohol abuse... I can't even imagine the pain you must be in. But if you are proclaiming to be a Christian, there is a big difference between struggling with alcohol use and posting pictures of you and your friends getting wasted seemingly quite proud of yourself.

I have a lot of tolerance for sinners. I have a lot of tolerance for Christians who make mistakes. My tolerance for Christians who continue to act ignorant? On a scale of 1-10, its probably a 0.

We can't keep doing the same things over and over and calling them mistakes. A mistake implies that you are ignorant to the consequence or outcome. That you completed the action without serious consideration of the possible negative effects.

But if you considered the consequences and you just didn't care? How can you call that a mistake?

I unintentionally ran a stop sign a few moths back. I was on my way to work, thinking about the day ahead, when I saw those blue flashing lights behind me. I was so focused on getting to work I honestly had no idea why he was pulling me over. He asked me why I ran the stop sign, my response was "I ran a stop sign?!?!" I had no idea. This was a mistake.

But if I had just simply been in a hurry to get to work and I saw that big red stop sign right in front of me, and I chose to just blow past it, how can I consider this a mistake? No my friends, that would be a choice.

And the right choices aren't always easy. I've made lots of bad ones.

But when we know better, we should do better! That doesn't mean we will be perfect, but isn't that what we as Christians are supposed to be striving towards?

Because it's not just about you! What about those who see the stupid things that we do, and because of that they decide to no longer follow Christ? It might sound extreme but Christian's get accused so often of being hypocrites. 

It's time to stop saying "well it's not a sin" and start asking if what you are doing is God's best for you...

And if it's sin... then call it what it is. Stop justifying yourself. God prefers you to be either sold out or completely in the other direction. People who profess Christ with their mouths but don't reflect him in their life styles make him sick.... don't be that person

So let's make the decision to do better... start today!

Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."

Monday, March 23, 2015

Crap Happens

(this emoji is NOT chocolate ice cream)

Last Monday was just like any other Monday. 

The weather was nice, so a co-worker and I decided to walk to lunch together. We came back to the office and started eating, and that's when I heard it...

"AHHHHHH poop... it's POOP!" 

Those were the exclamations coming from my managers office. 

I had not idea what she was talking about... so I continued to eat my lunch, until she said...

"It's for Paige!"

OK, now she had my interest. 

I leaped from my chair in the conference room and quickly made my way down the hall.

She handed me a package that had come via the United States Postal service... the contents of this package were exactly what she speculated them to be.

It was indeed a bag full of poop. Cow poop to be more precise. 

So me being the curious person I am, decided to check out the website.

Someone paid $20 to anonymously mail me poop.

So my first thought is, who in the heck has $20 to spend on something as stupid as poop? 

Second thought was, was this meant to be funny, or meant as someones passive aggressive way of telling me they are upset with me? 

I'm leaning towards the latter...

But nonetheless, I thought this could be a teachable moment. 

Crap happens... basically things that we don't expect to happen, well they do. 

And when it does, we have a choice... we can either be angry about the crap, or we can learn from it. 

No one likes crap, but we all deal with it from time to time. It isn't what you are going through that makes you the person you are, but rather how you handle it. 

Because sometimes crap happens... of course typically it isn't sent to you in the mail. 

So to whoever thought enough of me to spend their hard earned money to send me poop, thank you. 

Maybe you are upset with me for some reason I am unaware of (I mean everybody loves me right?). If that's the case, it really would have been a lot cheaper to write me a nasty email or delete me from Facebook (THE HORROR). And while you are spending money to make yourself feel better about whatever situation caused you to be this upset with me, rest assured I am not losing any sleep at night. 

Your feelings towards me, good or bad, don't diminish the way God feels about me, and His is the only approval I need. 

Whatever crappy situation you are in... choose joy. Crap stinks... but you can waller in it, or you can use it to make fertilizer and watch things grow. It's up to you. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

To my next husband...

It seems that open letters are the big thing these days... so why not join in right?

An open letter to my next husband:

Chances are since I am posting this on the internet for the world to see, you might actually get to read this before you have gained the privilege to be part of my family. Because not to sound conceited, but my daughter and I are quite a catch (I think even my ex would agree).

Here are some important things you need to know about joining in on this mother daughter duo.

She is my world. Before you came along, it was just her and I for quite some time. I haven't made a single decision since March 23rd 2012 that didn't require me to consider my beautiful little girl, you included. We had a pretty good thing going before you, and honestly its going to be a struggle for me to include someone else again. But I want to... I desperately want to. Just be patient.

You aren't her dad. She has a dad, and even though him and I parted ways, he loves that little girl. She doesn't need another dad. But she could definitely use another role model, confident, advice giver and friend. I know that I would never even consider marrying a man who didn't love and treat my daughter like his own. So thank you for accepting us as we are. Her father will always be part of our lives. We get along quite well, so I expect you two to get along as well. But I assume you wouldn't have made it this far with me if you were part of creating drama in our family.

I don't believe that divorce is OK. Yes I am divorced, so that probably sounds really hypocritical coming from me. And I am not judging you if you find yourself in a similar situation. But I did not want to get divorced in my last marriage. It wasn't my decision. Please don't say I do unless you are in it for the long haul. I have struggled with feeling like a failure in circumstances that were completely beyond my control. Please don't put me in that position again. Please only promise me forever if that's what you intend to give me.

I am a passionate woman. I am passionate about my relationship with Christ, about being a mom, my family, my friends, and my church. I also intend to be very passionate about my marriage to you. I think in a good marriage I will be inspired to pursue my passions an thrive... not held back. I am not like a lot of other women. I can be intimidating to some men... but my intention isn't to intimidate... but to encourage you to thrive as well.

I am low maintenance. I really don't care a thing about expensive jewelry or fancy clothes (hello target!). As long as you remind me you love me, give me your time, and make me a priority... I think that's all I need. I am definitely not going to refuse gifts, but never think that is going to take the place of quality time.

I want us to share our lives together. I want you to love my family and friends like I do... and I want to love yours. I understand that we will both need our space to do our own thing every now and then, but I am honestly not an individual that needs a whole lot of that... I hope that you aren't either. So have your guys night and play cards or video games every once in a while.... just not every weekend, and always come home to me. 

Don't lie. I am pretty strong gal, and I can handle a lot, but lying is so difficult to recover from. You messed up big time? Did something that will hurt me or make me mad... tell me. Don't wait til I find out and for goodness sake don't lie! It will take time to get over whatever you did, but if you lie to me, I may always wonder in the back of my mind if you are telling the truth. Just be honest. I can handle it. 

I have baggage. I mean who doesn't? But I am working on it... even know. But I might still need you to help me unload... and I need you to be OK with that. 

I don't cry. Like right now I can't remember the last time I cried. I am just very logical about things sometimes... Except for when I am mad... I am good at crying when I am mad. This doesn't mean I am insensitive, I simply deal with things differently.

I need you to hold my hand. I need you to cuddle with me. I need you to help me with the dishes and take out the trash. I need to see you playing with my daughter. I need you to remind me you love me. I need you to be the spiritual leader of our home. I need you to do the manly things like care maintenance, because I don't have a clue.  I need you to want more kids. I need you to watch scary movies with me. I need you to help me experience life and go on adventures. I need you to not want to change me, but to encourage me to always be a better version of myself. I need you to mean what you say. I need you to never leave...

I don't expect you to be perfect... but I anxiously await the day you are here. 

Love always,

What is Paigerific? I’m glad you asked, although I don’t have an exact definition to offer. Paigerific is my thoughts and my heart. Paigerific is my passion and my fear. Paigerific is my success and my failures. Paigerific is my blood, sweat, and tears. Paigerific is more than just simply word. It’s a million different words all rolled into one. Words like hope, grace, determination, imperfection, love, faith, insecurity… The one word I would use to describe myself? I am Paigerific.


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