Monday, March 23, 2015

Crap Happens

(this emoji is NOT chocolate ice cream)

Last Monday was just like any other Monday. 

The weather was nice, so a co-worker and I decided to walk to lunch together. We came back to the office and started eating, and that's when I heard it...

"AHHHHHH poop... it's POOP!" 

Those were the exclamations coming from my managers office. 

I had not idea what she was talking about... so I continued to eat my lunch, until she said...

"It's for Paige!"

OK, now she had my interest. 

I leaped from my chair in the conference room and quickly made my way down the hall.

She handed me a package that had come via the United States Postal service... the contents of this package were exactly what she speculated them to be.

It was indeed a bag full of poop. Cow poop to be more precise. 

So me being the curious person I am, decided to check out the website.

Someone paid $20 to anonymously mail me poop.

So my first thought is, who in the heck has $20 to spend on something as stupid as poop? 

Second thought was, was this meant to be funny, or meant as someones passive aggressive way of telling me they are upset with me? 

I'm leaning towards the latter...

But nonetheless, I thought this could be a teachable moment. 

Crap happens... basically things that we don't expect to happen, well they do. 

And when it does, we have a choice... we can either be angry about the crap, or we can learn from it. 

No one likes crap, but we all deal with it from time to time. It isn't what you are going through that makes you the person you are, but rather how you handle it. 

Because sometimes crap happens... of course typically it isn't sent to you in the mail. 

So to whoever thought enough of me to spend their hard earned money to send me poop, thank you. 

Maybe you are upset with me for some reason I am unaware of (I mean everybody loves me right?). If that's the case, it really would have been a lot cheaper to write me a nasty email or delete me from Facebook (THE HORROR). And while you are spending money to make yourself feel better about whatever situation caused you to be this upset with me, rest assured I am not losing any sleep at night. 

Your feelings towards me, good or bad, don't diminish the way God feels about me, and His is the only approval I need. 

Whatever crappy situation you are in... choose joy. Crap stinks... but you can waller in it, or you can use it to make fertilizer and watch things grow. It's up to you. 

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