Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Yes, I am very aware of the ridiculous amount of editing that this picture has received. 

I did this one day after viewing several middle age moms who edit their Facebook pictures. Some I found were so over the top that I didn't even recognize the person when I saw them in real life. 

What kind of message is this sending, especially from moms?

To our girls, who are already living in world full of photo-shopped models, do we too feel that we have to conform to this image? What does it say to our daughters that we can't post a picture of ourselves without erasing the wrinkles? Is this promoting self confidence and self worth, or are we helping to sell the lie of perfection? 

And to our boys, are we helping to contribute to their beliefs in a false standard of beauty, one that no one can live up to? 

I am only 27 years old, and I have wrinkles on my forehead. I get bags under my eyes. I have lots of freckles and moles. 

I don't think there is anything wrong with  trying to be healthier or putting on makeup. I think the problem occurs when we are presenting a false perception of ourselves. 

If I am so insecure in myself that I can't even post a picture without editing it, how am I ever going to raise my daughter with confidence and self-esteem? 

Dear Olivia, 

You are not perfect, and nether is your mommy, but that is perfectly OK! You are however fearfully and wonderfully made. Before I ever dreamed of having a little girl, God was dreaming of you. 

Unfortunately, you live in a world where sex sells, and photo shopped images of women in barely there ensembles has become the norm. Don't buy into it. God has so much more planned for you in your life than showing off your body. 

I honestly believe that you are beautiful and smart and talented, but I have been a young girl too, and I know there are days when you might not feel any of those things. Even in my adulthood, I struggle with days when I feel as if I am not enough. But baby girl, we are. Not because we are anything special, but because we are God's creations. 

So here is my promise to you, I will never let my own self-confidence get so drained that I project that lack of self-confidence on to you. I promise to always tell you that you are enough and that you are God's beautiful creation. 

You  are going to Change the world.... Mommy loves you all the world Olivia Quinn... to the moon and back. 

Let's raise our daughters with confidence and our sons with realistic expectations of beauty. Let's give them something different than what the world is giving them. Let's be confident in our imperfect selves. 

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