Wednesday, August 31, 2016

30 is the New Black

By the time this blog is publicly posted, I will only have 382 days left on earth as a 20 something. 

Holy cannoli.

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving... this is the saying I most commonly associate with turning 30 (bonus points if you know what movie that's from). 

I am not one of those people who has ever dreaded getting older. I love my birthday! Now I may not love every single thing that comes with getting older, but to me a birthday is almost like New Years. You have a whole new year at this new age, and the next year is what you make of it. 

Now, I am not gonna lie to you, 30 is a little intimidating. Why? Well I am not exactly where I thought I'd be at in my life at this point. Not that my life is bad by any means, but there are certain things I thought I would have done or would have accomplished by now. 

My first thought is to have a midnight hour cram session where I do and accomplish everything I thought I would in the next 382 days....

Then I decided if I haven't completed this list in the first nearly 29 years of my life, what on earth would give me the idea that I could do it in 382 days?

So I am proposing something a little less drastic than completing it all, and a lot less depressing than a long list of unfinished goals: 

1 goal at a time. 

Probably not as deep or profound as you were expecting. 

If I dive head first into my list of goals I'm probably going to kill myself, or at the very least get overwhelmed and want to quit by day 2. 

My point is, 382 days from now I can still have a long list of things that are yet to be completed. But maybe, just maybe, at the very list I can have a handful of things checked off. 

Do we still want to be in the exact same place a year from now, or do we want to see growth and accomplishment? Everyone would say growth and accomplishment, but what steps are we taking to get there? It isn't just going to happen. You have to make a game plan. You have to do the work. 

30, 57, 82? Doesn't matter your age, the message is the same. You will never again be as young as you are right now. 

My 30's could very well be the best years of my life. They could also be the worst. It's up to me.

I think I'll choose thirty, flirty, and thriving!

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