Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Desire to Inspire

Inspire: To influence, move, or guide.

I went to this event recently called The Outcry Tour. I was pretty excited, because I was feeling as if I was in a bit of a rut and was hoping to get refueled. One of the speakers was one I love hearing (Levi Lusko, you should check him out). Not to mention, I was looking forward to the awesome worship bands that were going to be there.

I love going to events like this because I love the atmosphere and the excitement. Its hard to leave without experiencing at least a little life change.

But I don't believe the most impactful part of the evening came from the main speaker or the worship bands.

A gentleman got up and started speaking about this thing called The Giving Key. Basically the concept is you pick a word that has current meaning in your life. You purchase a key, and wear for a season, and at some point, you give that key to someone else, someone you feel needs that word.

I wanted a word to begin this season of my life... but I wasn't sure which word. Until I looked at the keys, and feel it was absolutely a God thing.

My key says inspire. I believe it's always been my dream to inspire people. But sometimes life happens, and it's easy to forget our dreams. 

Now, I am not so full of myself that I believe that simply the words on this blog will be enough to inspire others. But maybe in the way I live my life, and in the way I create opportunities to inspire... maybe in my own small way I can make a difference, 

On May 18th it will be three years since I had my stroke. I very well could have died that day, but I believe that I'm still here because I still have a purpose. Sometimes I feel as if I've just been letting life pass by without pursuing my purpose. No more...

Sometimes its scary to put yourself out there... to pursue the dreams God has placed in your heart, well because they are much bigger than anything you can accomplish on your own. 

The scriptures remind me in so many ways that I shouldn't fear.

Fear Not...

Perfect Love casts out fear...

For God has not given me the spirit of fear...

I wasn't created to be afraid. I was created to be fearless. 

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